Kia Ora!

I am a freelance website designer and front-end developer. Take a look around and see what I can offer you after 10+ years in the business.

I have experienced a decent chunk of what the web has to offer - from small web shops to large agencies in NZ, London and USA.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat about hiring me or if you have any questions:

Blake Pemberton, director of MyPixel

Services and skills I can offer you and your business

I'm a specialist Front-end developer but have amassed a much wider skill-set after so long in the business. Web design, UI, UX and print design are all part of my repertoire.
I particularly enjoy performance tuning websites and making sure your website works across all devices and circumstances - taking into account things like page weight, network speeds, optimising delivery of assets and minimising data used for people on pay-per-mb data plans.

Website Development
Using up-to-date techniques and tried and tested methods. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Vanilla, React JS and jQuery) etc.
Freelance or Contractor
I am flexible and experienced at joining an existing team to help finish a project as the deadline looms or just be involved from the beginning for a one-off project.
Scale up you team without the overheads of fulltime staff!
Website Design
Advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch mean I can create or work with all modern design files.
Prototyping and POC creation
Experienced with HTML prototyping, InVision and Balsamiq I can create low / high fidelity prototypes to help test new features or bring ideas to life for validation and UX testing.
Custom CMS websites
I have built loads of sites using popular, high performing and safe CM systems like WordPress, SilverStripe and more. These platforms offer an easy entry into your first website or can be custom made for advanced users or to meet highly specialised / technical requirements.

Using the latest software, technologies and techniques

I am a big fan of learning and staying up-to-date, I do my best to always be learning (or teaching) when possible. This is not only good for me but of course means you get a website that delivers on your requirements and goals and works well, no matter who is viewing it, and continues to do so.

It's been a pleasure to work for, with and alongside many amazing companies & people

Having spent a large part of my career as a freelance or contract designer and developer I have been able to work with and learn from some of the best people in the business. Maybe I can put your logo here one day?

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